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Why elect the New7Wonders Cities?

The campaigns to choose the man-made Official New7Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature were resounding successes, in which hundreds of million votes were cast and which took democracy to a new, global level. The New7Wonders Cities campaign will encourage debate about how cities should respond to the challenges of the present and the future. By voting in this worldwide campaign, people everywhere can decide the 7 cities that best represent the achievements and aspirations of our global urban civilization.

What were the criteria necessary for the participation and for the 28 finalists?

Candidates in the Official New7Wonders Cities must be recognised cities, however large or small, however famous or lesser known (until now). In addition, the 28 Official Finalists have been chosen by the New7Wonders Panel of Experts under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of Unesco, and announced on 21 October 2013, bearing in mind the following general criteria:

  • Global geographical distribution: all continents represented, one city per country maximum.
  • Cities that have shown enthusiasm and participation in the New7Wonders Cities campaign.
  • Balanced grouping of recognised cities with less recognised but still deserving cities, of capital cities with non-capital major cities.
  • Cities with current strengths and/or potential for sustainable growth, in terms of cultural, environmental, economic and tourism potential.
  • Historical legacy and/or potential for growing and sustaining a historical legacy in the future.
  • City strategy that aims for a balance of infrastructure, living, working and recreation spaces.

What are the stages of the election?

There are various stages in the New7Wonders Cities campaign, as follows:

  1. Over 1200 participants from over 220 countries entered the New7Wonders Cities as nominees during the nomination phase.
  2. In the next qualification phase, one national nominee per country was allowed to proceed, plus the then Top 77 voted (a total of more than 300 cities).
  3. At the end of this qualification phase the new Top 77 were announced and became eligibile for selection by the New7Wonders Cities Panel of Experts to be one of the Finalists.
  4. On 21 October 2013, the 28 Official Finalists of New7Wonders Cities were announced.
  5. Voting continues in three Finalist Phases, selecting the Top 21, Top 14 and finally the Official New7Wonders Cities to be announced on 7 December 2014.


Can there be more than one Finalist and more than one New7Wonders Cities from the same country?

No, there is only one Finalist per country.

What are Official Supporting Committees, or OSCs?

OSCs are the administrative partners of N7W, whose main mission is to coordinate the campaign to support the respective Finalist in its own country. N7W collaborates with the OSCs to provide guidance on the participation rules, and gives advice to OSCs to ensure they can properly fulfill their role. At certain moments in time, either due to unavailability of a suitable OSC, or due to N7W having to resign the status of an OSC, Finalists will not have active OSCs supporting them – which may lessen the Finalist chances of success, for obvious reasons. The Finalists themselves continue in the New7Wonders Cities campaign, as the participation status of a Finalist does not depend on the OSC, it depends on the direct authority of N7W.

What role do governments play in the New7Wonders Cities campaign?

N7W welcomes positive and proactive support provided by governments, city, regional or national, for their own Finalists and for the New7Wonders Cities in general. However, it is important to note that the New7Wonders Cities is not a competition between countries, governments, ministries or public departments. It is not even a competition between OSCs. It is the worldwide campaign organised under the direct authority of N7W, where people directly vote, via and via the N7W telephone voting options. The New7Wonders Cities campaign is simply about cities being chosen by popular vote.

How is the result calculated?

Valid votes are those received via, via the smartphone and tablet applications, via the international telephone voting lines, and via the licensed telephone and SMS voting systems that are available in many countries. Each voting session online and via the applications produces seven votes (one each for a different chosen Finalist), and each vote via telephone voting line or SMS produces one vote for that chosen Finalist. Each of these votes has equal status, and the total votes are added up to determine the chosen New7Wonders Cities.

What is the voting verification process?

As with the New 7 Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature, there is a provisional announcement followed by a lengthier process, which takes many months, for the telephone votes to be fully verified (this is mainly due to the operator and customer contracting systems prevalent around the world). The actual finally verified and confirmed calculation of the votes and the results is then announced later, and an independent international auditor is appointed to verify and confirm the final calculation.

What are the rankings of the Finalists and the New7Wonders Cities?

New7Wonders does not ever disclose the individual ranking position during the Finalist phases, nor will it disclose any data that can be analysed to determine the individual position of a Finalist. This is the same policy as with the previous campaigns to elect the New 7 Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature. The reason for this policy is very important: the seven chosen New7Wonders Cities are equal in status.

Will there be one worldwide Official Declaration Event or individual Official Inaugurations?

New7Wonders is considering both options, namely one worldwide show event to announce the results (as was the case for the New 7 Wonders of the World) and/or a series of seven Official Inaugurations at each of the winning cities (as was the case for the New7Wonders of Nature).

What is the next global N7W campaign?

No more New7Wonders global campaigns are planned, New7Wonders Cities is the third and final in the historical series. However, many new initiatives are planned from New7Wonders, so please follow our news updates regularly!

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